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Hardware Preparation Guide

Needed Hardware

  1. Amazon Fire Tablet
  2. Epson TM-T20III Thermal Printer
  3. GL-AR300M Router
  4. Ethernet Cable


For preparing hardware for a single location, you can find everything within the packaging of the hardware components. When preparing multiple hardware setups in advance, I would suggest unboxing all components once, and create a “test bench” setup, where only the core components need to be swapped.

Note that all configurations are possible with the Fire Tablet, but for convenience I suggest using a separate PC for router and printer configuration.

Hardware Setup

This schematic shows the final setup, which is needed to do all configuration and testing steps, which are described in this guide.

Component Preparation

Each hardware component needs some form of assembly or configuration, before it can be integrated into the setup.

GL-AR300M Router

  • Unbox the device
  • Connect to power and ethernet (use “WAN” port) –> connect Lan cable from the printer to lan and from the plug into wan
  • Connect PC to “XXX” (Network name), default PW: “goodlife” –> name starts always with the letters “GL”
  • Check, if device is responding under –> please check in the browser the IP Adress
  • Log in to admin console
  • passwort: souseadmin
  • Go to Wireless settings, change “Wi-Fi Name (SSID)” to “SO-USE Wi-Fi” and the “Wi-Fi Key” to “souse123”
  • Check router for potential software updates (Section “UPGRADE”)
    • If new update is available, follow on screen instructions

Amazon Fire Tablet

  • Unbox the device
  • Power on
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
    • You will be asked for an Amazon account
    • Login credentials
      • Username: hardware@so-use.de
      • Password: souse_user1
    • When asked for network connection, use the Wi-Fi you created with your GL-AR300M router
  • Run the latest updates for the device
  • Enable Developer options:
    • Go to “Settings”, then tap “About device”
    • Scroll down, then tap “Build number” seven times
    • The “Developer options” menu will now appear in your Settings menu
  • Enable option for device never turning off screen when plugged into power

Epson TM-T20III

  • Unbox the device
  • Connect ethernet and power cable
  • Connect ethernet cable to “LAN” port on GL-AR300M
  • Install paper roll
  • Power on
  • Check if router has found printer and assigned an IP address
  • Follow initial configuration steps as shown in Epson TM-T20III Setup Guide –> download EpsoNet Config Tool if not happened before, just search your browser
  • (configuration in knowledgbase aufnehmen)


As you will have to switch between the different devices for configuration, the following section is not divided based on devices.

  • Router: “MORE SETTINGS” → “Custom DNS Server”
    • Disable “DNS Rebinding Attack Protection”
    • Enable “Manual DNS Server Settings” and enter “” under “DNS Server 1”, hit apply
  • Under “APPLICATIONS” → “Remote Access” bind device to our GoodCloud account

add devise

insert geräte ID

name –> Locationname

Group: select default group

add device

  • Under “MORE SETTINGS”→”LAN IP”→”Static IP Address Binding” create new entry
    • MAC: *Printer MAC address” (found under “CLIENTS”)
    • IP:
    • “Add”
    • Restart Printer, it now should have new IP

On tablet, add barkeeper interface as bookmark

Check configuration

  • Under printer-[SHOP].[DOMAIN] the printer interface should now show up
  • Use tablet to check in barkeeper interface if printer is available

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