The team

Our team unites talents from different backgrounds. This includes many years of know-how in gastronomy and F&B management, as well as process optimization, software and product development.

We are united by the vision of a hybrid gastronomy, in which the advantages of digitalization are combined with the benefits of social interaction.


Gastronomy in all its facets is the social center of life for many people. For thousands of years, we have loved to stop in and enjoy culinary delights.

Amazingly, many basic gastronomic processes have remained essentially unchanged over the course of this time.

Other areas of our life are often changing too quickly due to digitization. Many of us therefore appreciate the tradition of gastronomy.

For years restaurateurs have been exposed to a flood of half-baked digitization offers, which mostly miss the point of the social living room “gastronomy”.

It is therefore not to be blamed on restaurateurs for being very skeptical about digitization.

We see it as our task to apply the right degree of digitization without neglecting the valuable relationship between a restaurateur and his guest.