More orders, more sales. With SO’USE, your guests order faster and more frequently.

What our customers say

Our customers share their experiences with the system and explain the advantages.

Kajetan Seuss

The Thai Lounge, Bozen


“With SO’USE we were able to increase our sales significantly.”


“Our customers’ guests spend on average 18% more using SO’USE than those who place their orders conventionally.” — SO’USE

Eberhard Wiedemann

San Remo, Leipzig


“Thanks to SO’USE, we get to know our customers even better day by day. This gives us additional indicators to supplement our work in order to increase customer satisfaction.”


“SO’USE makes the behavior of your guests measurable and provides you with more information than any POS system on the market.” — SO’USE

Tom Geißler

Franz Morish, Leipzig


The ordering system of the future available right now


“Step by step towads digitalization, aided by our solutions.” — SO’USE

Henrik Bonesky

Uferstrand, Chemnitz


SO’USE decreases the workload of my boys & girls at the bar.


“SO’USE significantly shortens order processing times.” — SO’USE


Our QR codes and table displays fit perfectly into your restaurant, bar or café. They give your guests quick & easy access to SO’USE. The QR codes contain the table number so that you can always correctly assign all orders, without your guests having to enter the table number.

Service Interface

Manage orders quickly and easily via drag & drop on a tablet, PC or smartphone. This way you always have an overview, even at high workload. We have developed our staff interface in close cooperation with waiters and bartenders. The operation is so simple that hardly any training is required.

Billing / bookkeeping

Our compliant billing and accounting functions enable you to use SO’USE in parallel with your existing POS or cash register system. A connection to receipt printers, cash register or POS systems is optional.


SO’USE makes the behavior of your guests measurable. From hundreds of data points, we provide you with the key figures that are decisive for your business. We would be happy to advise you on the compilation of customized reports.

Satisfied guests.
More sales.
Better service.

More orders.
Satisfied guests.
Higher sales.

Orders processed

Restaurateurs use SO’USE successfully