Current projects

A selection of successful projects in which SO’USE is used.


JUFA-Hotels is using SO’USE at its Salzburg location to digitally handle order and payment processes in the hotel’s own restaurant & bar area as well as its room service. This allows guests to order and pay with their own smartphone from their room.

Drive-in cinema Berlin - Schönefeld

Thanks to SO’USE, guests of the drive-in cinema Berlin – Schönefeld can order directly from their cars. This way they don’t miss anything from the movie and don’t have to leave the car for popcorn & drinks.

Torgau District Hospital

Elaborate food reservations are the past at the Torgau District Hospital. The medical staff orders and pays directly on the ward via SO’USE. This saves them long queues in the canteen.

Laguna bathing area

Food requests from visitors to the Laguna bathing area can be realized quickly and cashlessly with the help of the innovative solutions from SO’USE.

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